Hello. My name is George Hrab. I am an American citizen of Ukrainian descent that resides in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and makes a living playing drums in a nine-piece horn band called The Philadelphia Funk Authority. I produce a weekly internet audio program called The Geologic Podcast. This program has no geology content whatsoever but is so named as a portmanteau of “George” and “logic.” This tends to confuse people. Quite rightly so. I seem to have a habit of regularly acting as emcee/host for science conventions like The Amazing Meeting, The Australian Skeptics Convention, or QED. Those are always super fun. When I am not performing with The Philadelphia Funk Authority or working on The Geologic Podcast or emceeing science conferences, I like to write and record albums of original music. I have six so far, plus one live album and DVD. When people find out that I am a songwriter, they ask me what my music sounds like. I usually tell them who my influences are, and that my songs are basically crappier versions of those influences. The main bands that I like are Yes, King Crimson, Talking Heads and Frank Zappa—although Frank Zappa is not a band but an individual. I am also an individual…but nowhere near as cool as Frank Zappa. Welcome to my website. There’s a lot of links to clickety-click and a way to easily get in touch. Please do so. Enjoy. Visit George’s Wikipedia
Wednesday Dec. 27th at Bethlehem's own Godfrey Daniels... https://t.co/Q9VfHOIv1A
about 2 days ago | @georgehrab

Upcoming Dates

27 Dec 2017 George Hrab Bethlehem, PA Godfrey Daniels Godfrey Daniels
31 Dec 2017 Philadelphia Funk Authority Allentown, PA Allentown Jetport Bar & Lounge Allentown Jetport Bar & Lounge
05 Jan 2018 Philadelphia Funk Authority Easton, PA Rival Sports Bar & Nightclub Rival Sports Bar & Nightclub
06 Jan 2018 Geo Hrab Quakertown, PA Proper Brewing Co. Proper Brewing Co.
12 Jan 2018 Philadelphia Funk Authority Bethlehem, PA Musikfest Cafe, ArtsQuest Center Musikfest Cafe, ArtsQuest Center free
13 Jan 2018 Philadelphia Funk Authority Blue Bell, PA Whitpain Tavern Whitpain Tavern
20 Jan 2018 Philadelphia Funk Authority Philadelphia, PA Private Wedding Private Wedding
21 Jan 2018 Philadelphia Funk Authority Bethlehem, PA Sands Casino Molten Lounge Sands Casino Molten Lounge free
02 Feb 2018 Philadelphia Funk Authority Collegeville, PA The Davinci's Pub The Davinci's Pub
03 Feb 2018 Philadelphia Funk Authority Philadelphia, PA Private Wedding Private Wedding

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There are a myriad of ways that you can hire George.

Solo Acoustic OriginalSolo Acoustic StandardsTrio-LogicThe Geologic OrchestraEvent EMCEELecture / Speaker / HostJingles and Other Musical BitsDrummerPhiladelphia Funk AuthorityContact George

Original songs, stories and interesting covers. An intimate evening of curious compositions.

A combination of guitar, piano and voice covering everything from Frank Sinatra to Elvis Costello. View The Full Playlist

A three-piece Rock and/or Roll combo performing George’s original music.

Geo’s full-blown, nine-piece original ensemble. As featured on the concert DVD 21812.

From The Amazing Meeting to QED Manchester to Australia and beyond, George’s panache as an emcee is acclaimed.

Need a speaker for your skeptical / scientific / nerd-based event? George has a number of appropriate topics and talks he can present.

George is aces at writing, creating, and recording jingles, intros, outros and other musical oddments for video and audio projects.

Percussion for hire. Decades of professional experience. This is what he’s REALLY good at. His “day” job even…


Speaking of his day job… George and the crew in Philly Funk have been laying down R&B, funk, soul and dance grooves for over 17 years. Hire them for your party, wedding, anniversary, barbecue or barn raising. Seriously fun music.


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