The Geologic Podcast Episode #473

The Show Notes

Geologic Podcast’s Musikfest Mixtape

All You Need is Love  The Beatles
No Cell Service  Manfreedy Johnson
Owner of a Lonely Heart YES
Why Not Try?  Geo
Misconception Song  Geo
The Ability To Swing  Thomas Dolby
¿Erés Famoso?  Geo
Facebook Manfreedy Johnson
Sweet Dreams  Eurythmics
And You And I  YES
Asked to Dance (Getting Grace)  Geo
Incompetent Do-Wop  Geo
Across This Ant-heap  XTC
Web Browser Manfreedy Johnson
The Good Ol Days  Geo
Daddy’s Little Baby Angel  Geo
The Gypsy Night  Trio Marenich
Afterimage (For Andy)  RUSH

Show close